Absolute control over your home at all times sounds like a dream. It can become a reality with home automation. We’ll give you the ultimate convenience – saving time, money and making your life simpler.

From the gates on your driveway to an automated irrigation system; everything you need can be designed into your intelligent living system, putting you in charge – even when you’re not there. For guaranteed peace of mind even when you are not around, our home automation systems may be perfect for you and your home.

Everything is designed to be simple to use. Press a button on your phone app to put the oven on before you get home or programme your heating and lighting so that it comes on and off even when you’re away for work or on holiday. Our intelligent designs make your home work for you.

With our home automation, you never have to worry again about remembering to set timers, or panicking about whether you remembered to lock your gates, or water your plants. Life can be stressful enough, so why make it any harder than it already is? Home automation can make sure everything is so easily accessible with the simple touch of a button. Our ultimate goal at Smart Homes is to take care of the little things so that you have time to focus on the things that really matter



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