Control4 OS3 – New Firmware Release

As a Control 4 Pinnacle and Diamond dealer, the launch of the new latest Control 4 software, OS 3 was very exciting for us – It is the biggest update to date. With new features, a fresh interface and more than a thousand outstanding enhancements. Homeowners can now effectively manage and personalise their system and organise their favourite rooms, devices, and scenes.  You can Swipe-and-tap for easy navigation, customise wallpapers and enjoy an enriched entertainment experience, all displayed on an interface that is designed for ultimate convenience as well as reflecting the sophistication and capabilities of the system installed.   

OS3 has specifically been designed for the user; to unify hundreds of connected devices within the home, control them all from a single platform, from home entertainment, lighting and security. We have laid out a few new key features below:

FAVOURITES: Every smart home is unique, so an all new favourites tab puts your most frequently used icons on the main “dashboard” screen. Anything across your entire home can be added, so favourite icons are front and centre when you need them, whether it be on your phone or touch screen, at home or out and about. – Fewer touches, Fewer taps, with no more searching through all your devices to find the one you use every day! OS3 also gives you a ‘at a glance’ overview of your entire home on to the one single screen. Meaning you can instantly view the status of your security system, smart door locks, shades that are open, or lights throughout the home and take control. This is all made quicker to view, by the icons that visually represent individual states for connected devices, so you can instantly see whether a door is locked, the shades are up or the garage is open.

PERSONALISATION: The OS3 update includes the option to customize the bag ground wallpaper for each control screen. There are a number of stock wallpapers to select from. You can choose from images created by top interior designers, pick your own photo from a personal library, or take a photo and upload at your leisure. Each room can have its own individual wallpaper, and all are viewable on phones, tablets, touch screens, and TV screens. An Active media bar has been added to the top of the control 4 interface. No matter what device you are using control 4 on, be it smartphone, tablet or television screen, you will see the Active Media bar at the very top of the screen. Giving you a clear view of what media and/or entertainment is playing around the house.

OS3 has been designed to give you the best experience from any interface you use, on your mobile device, portrait mode scrolls naturally and is designed to display the correct icons with instant feedback of their current status. On a Control4 touch screen, the icons are larger and the response time is incredibly fast for immediate control of anything in your smart home, and with your handheld remote, the on-screen display is focused specifically for entertainment so you can easily pull up any audio/video entertainment and favourite devices.

QUICK & CLEAR CONTROL: You may have many rooms in your house, and some that are used more often than the others. These favourite rooms can be elevated to the front and you can then quickly swipe between them. The comfort screen provides weather details and allows you to adjust the temperature with a single tap. OS3 has also brought larger icons and text making it more legible. You can take comfort in knowing that your home and family are safe with added security solutions in the new update. Smart locks can notify you of daily ins-and-outs, scheduled lighting can fluctuate at alternating times, security cameras are accessible from your smartphone, and audio and lighting scenes can be incorporated into your alarm system.

ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE: Control4 OS3 is able to offer Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) support for all connected devices. MQA is something that is usually only found in very high-end and audio-specific equipment, so we are very excited about it being offered and supported throughout the C4 system. Also watching a movie or turning on the news has never been easier with the all-new OS 3 TV on-screen menu, designed to keep you focused on your entertainment, with an intuitively controlled with a handheld remote.

Whether you are an existing customer with a Control4 home automation system installed or are only just embarking on the home automation – smart home journey, then don’t miss out on the perks of the Control4 OS3. Contact us today and learn more about how it will enhance your life.

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