Are you safe & sound this winter?

Autumn is upon us, and as the leaves change it won’t be long before the cold crisp nights draw in. Darkness can sometimes leave us feeling frightened or insecure, on edge not knowing who may outside. The cover of dark can be the perfect disguise for any opportunist, and at Smarthomes we believe that prevention and deterrents are the best cause.  As homeowners ourselves we know it is important to have high home security and as surveillance and alarm systems have evolved over the years they now naturally tie into the home automation system; making Smarthomes the perfect solution.

Installing and Upgrading an alarm

Having a bell box on your property is a great deterrent for the opportunist but why not take it that step further? A Standard intruder alarm will activate a loud audible siren when the alarm’s sensors are triggered, these can then be linked to your phone, so you are notified immediately. You can also have the alarm linked to a monitoring service, which when the alarm is triggered, sends a signal and activates an imminent response. If you have a intelligent home, the alarm can trigger lighting circuits to come on to appear as if the homeowner has been disturbed.


CCTV is one of the best kept defence weapons of a property. The cameras act as a deterrent, they give piece of mind when viewing but also provide brilliant evidence in case of an emergency. At Smarthomes we can offer a vast range of different cameras depending on your wishes and needs.  The cameras each have IP66-rated housing which is designed to enable the camera body to withstand rain, wind and dust, and ensures operation under a multitude of harsh weather conditions.

IR cameras provide clear video at night time, allowing for full surveillance even when impossible for the naked eye, an infrared illuminator can also be added to act as an additional light source, reaching up to 250m. These cameras have a built in IR-cut filter, white balance, back light compensation, and motion detection to deliver quality videos without motion blur. Depending on the situation vandal resistant cameras are also a common choice, a tamper detection feature can be included to provide extra protection for the surveillance unit.

All of these cameras can then be linked and streamed to an app on your phone, enabling you to view your CCTV whether you be at home or away.

Gate Intercom & Control

Door Stations and gate intercoms are able to deliver live HD audio and video footage, for an outstanding intercom experience. Enabling customers to monitor and communicate with the front door or their security gate, via an app, whether they are at home or out and about. Giving peace of mind that you can see exactly what it is going on, at the front door, at all times.

This is also a brilliant aid if there is a courier arriving when you are away from the house, you can tell them exactly where you would like them to leave a parcel, in a safe, secure manner with out them entering the property.

Smart lighting solutions & Security lights

Smart lighting solutions offer an app that can be set to stimulate alternate lights and shades in a random fashion so that your home replicates your family’s activities to make it appear occupied while you’re away, providing additional security and added peace of mind. Outside security lights, controlled by a PIR also works as a fantastic deterrent. The infrared sensor pics up any movement within its view automatically triggering the security lights, illuminating the area the movement has come from giving any unwanted visitors no where to hide.

Smarthomes will advise, install and maintain your home security system; before, during and after the installation. If you would like further information or to discuss the different options and upgrades available please contact us.

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