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Smart Domestic Lighting Installation


Intelligent Domestic Lighting

Mood lighting, low energy lighting design & installation

Domestic Lighting

Set your rooms lighting to match your mood with a smart domestic lighting system. We'll provide you with all of the technology needed to help create the right atmosphere in each and every room of your home. If the whole house is on domestic lighting control, we can programme commands such as "home" which, at the touch of a button, will light the path from the front door to the kitchen or master bedroom only. Or you can select "all off", so that you can leave the home knowing no energy is being wasted. We can even create timed events encompassing the astronomical clock for seasonally dependent events and scenarios.

Home Lighting Design

Once the brief has been confirmed with the client or interior designer, Smarthomes work on designing the lighting layout, taking into account everything the client is trying to achieve. Controlling the light and shade levels in an individual room or throughout the whole house is now as easy as the touch of a button. Our installations are designed in detail by our skilled engineers and, as we plan for the unexpected, you can expect no surprises. Visit our Interior Design page for more information about our home and lighting services

Low Energy LED

We now live in a society where we are more conscious of the carbon footprint we are leaving and, where possible, choices should be made to reduce this impact. With the use of LED low energy lighting you can achieve this as well as noticing reduced energy costs and lamp consumption as the lamps will last for between 20 and 40 thousand hours.

Feature Lighting

Elegance and ambience are an important part of your home. Lighting can have a dramatic effect on how the look, feel and mood of your home is achieved. Smarthomes will work with you, designing and installing your lighting system to achieve the very best effect for your room. With the availability of mood lighting, 5 amp switches, fibre optics, LED strips and colour changing you can be as inventive as you like.

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