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Home Entertainment Systems

Installed and integrated custom home entertainment systems

Home Cinema Rooms

Imagine recreating the most awesome big screen experience of the cinema in your own home... choose the film, press play, blinds shut, screen comes down, projector comes to life and ...action!!

Home cinemas are not just for the rich and famous; they are becoming increasingly popular and can be created for as much or as little as you wish to spend, whilst being as flamboyant or discreet as you like. Your ideal home cinema can be designed using a surface mounted or discreetly disguised TV or a projector and screen that can be hidden in, or surface mounted on, the ceiling; add speakers that can be recessed into a wall, ceiling or even made to look like a piece of art can even integrate automated curtains, lighting and blinds with your home cinema for a truly immersive experience. Let your creativity and imagination flow, Smarthomes have many examples of their work for inspiration.

Multi Room Music

Want to listen to the radio in the kitchen, your iPod in the living room and a CD in the bedroom..or mix and match at the touch of a button? With the use of discreet wall or ceiling mounted speakers you can achieve individually zoned music in all rooms of the home. Having a house party? Why not fill every room with the same tunes!

Smarthomes highly recommend online jukebox subscriptions, such as Napster, which offer playlists for every occasion; simple to access and you don't even need your own music collection.

High Definition Distribution

Fed up of arguments over who gets to watch what? Want to watch a movie in bed whilst the football is on downstairs and the kids are watching cartoons in their rooms? Gone are the days when you had to have a Sky box and DVD player in each room; using high definition distribution these can all be conveniently and discreetly located together in one cupboard. With the use of a single room controller, whether it be a remote control or IPad, you choose which HD source you wish to watch and control it from your room.

Multimedia Systems

Imagine how convenient it would be to view all your personal photos, videos and music at the touch of a button. A multimedia system allows you to centrally store these and use your TV in the same way as a computer. Smarthomes can install a multimedia system that allows you to view your photos and your personal videos on your screens, and listen to your personal playlists.

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