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Electrical Installation Services


Electrical Installation Designs

Design, integration and maintenance of complete electrical installations

Testing & Certification

Our electricians are all 17th edition qualified and are meticulous in their attention to detail; they work in teams of two and the number of teams is dependent on the job size and timescale. As a company we are NICEIC accredited; all the electrical installation service work carried out will be tested and certificated to the relevant industry requirements. Should you be required to comply to sustainable housing codes of practice or have a listed building Smarthomes are fully aware of these practices and will conform and advise you accordingly.

Electrical Design & Drawings

Not only do we offer an electrical installation service, but we also design and maintain complete electrical systems. All electrical works are installed to the finest detail and we will always provide samples of plate finishes and light fittings for client confidence and approval; we always take into account the aesthetics and style of the home in our designs. We will advise you as to the type and size of incoming supply required - single or 3 phase; whilst accommodating supplies, garden lighting, plant rooms, swimming pools and generators. Smarthomes understand that this is an important phase of every project and work closely with you to design your electrical layout and can advise you on every aspect of the installation.

Residential Electrical Installations

Residential works are extremely personal; as such we will discuss functionality within the individual rooms, how will you use the room and where your furniture will be positioned. Aesthetics are obviously important but just as important is having the light switch where you want it and the socket next to the kettle! All electrical works that are carried out are tested and certified to the relevant industry requirements.


Commercial electrical installations are typically large core cables, heavy duty controls and sizeable light fittings which all need careful planning and proper implementation. Many commercial projects involve plant rooms where a cable tray and large metal trunking are installed, all of which can be challenging to make pleasing to the eye, even when hidden away as discreetly as possible. Smarthomes take pride in making such environments look and feel as neat and attractive as possible.

Mechanical & Plant

Every aspect of electrical installations are carried by Smarthomes engineers, including the electrical requirements for all mechanical and plant, i.e. air conditioning, heating, plumbing, pool rooms and plant rooms. Smarthomes will liaise with the appropriate contractors to make sure they have everything they require from an electrical supply point of view. More often than not Smarthomes will design and install the control systems for all these elements, which can involve thermostats, pumps and time clocks.

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